Welcome to Bunbury parish church!

You will find here the history of this village and of this nation.
You will find here beauty, the work of craftsmen and artists spanning six centuries.
You will find here peace, a place of calm in a chaotic world.
You have found the spiritual focus of this village community, the home of a living, worshipping, witnessing family of Christians.

We pray that you will find here the Lord of history, of beauty and of peace.

God is of course present in every part of His world, but all through the centuries many have found it easier to be aware of Him in this place. May that prove to be so for you.

Enjoy your time here - leave some of it to sit or kneel quietly, to think, to read the Bible, to pray. Then go from here in the peace of Christ. Go in His love, refreshed and renewed with His Blessing.

A thousand years of worship

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