The Bunbury Papers


Maurice H. Ridgway BA FSA

The Bunbury Papers were a series of monographs on Bunbury Church published in the early 1950's to private subscribers.

1 An introduction to the fabric of Bunbury Church, Fred H Crossley FSA (1949)
2 Briefs and collections in Bunbury Church 1665-1704 pt i, Maurice H Ridgway BA FSA (1950)
3 The Church Bells of Bunbury, J W Clarke (1950)
4 The Effigy and Tomb of Sir Hugh Calveley, Claude Blair BA (1951)
5 The Sanctuary of Bunbury Church. Excavated 1952-3, Maurice H. Ridgway BA FSA (1954)
6 The Plate of Bunbury Church, Sir Leonard Stone (1955)
7 The Pewter Collecting Boxes at Bunbury Church, Maurice H. Ridgway BA FSA (1956)
8 The Medieval Freestone effigies in Bunbury Church, Claude Blair BA FSA (1959)
9 The Chandelier of Bunbury Church, Robert Sherlock BA FSA (1960)
10 Beeston Castle, Cheshire, Maurice H. Ridgway BA FSA, and D J Cathcart King LL M

The Medieval Freestone effigies are now held off site in a secure store.
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