Roundabouts and Maypole    Cynthia Fowles and Dorothy Vickers

My first memory is of sitting in a small child's two seater hand pushed roundabout which a neighbour had made for the fete together with a see-saw. In later years there was a children’s slide and one year children came down the slope in trays but the first aid tent got a bit busy dealing with grazes so this idea was not continued.

The Rose Queen was crowned at the fete chosen one year by the fete and the next by the chapel. The queen and her retinue paraded along the flat at the bottom of the castle to the stage, where she was crowned by a ‘local celebrity’ who also declared the fete open.

I can remember maypole dancing, country dancing, trampoline demonstrations and of course children’s sports. There were baby shows, knobbly knees competitions, pony rides along the path to the caves. Guessing the name of the doll was always popular. The side shows included, the coconut shy, hoopla, spinning jenny, mops and cans and a small train running round a board, stopping at stations. If you were lucky and had the name of the station where it stopped, you won a prize. Model cars were run down a slope into, hopefully, holes cut in a wooden backdrop to represent garages, this was very popular with small boys. When prizes became rather expensive to provide, a system of tokens was created for a few years.

A tent contained the Calveley produce stall, always well stocked, a toy stall, piles of rummage and a gift stall started by the Misses Woodward and latterly run by Miss Churton. This was a main attraction which a few people worked for all year round.

The fete was a much bigger event in earlier days, including the hill climb and the dance which in our day was held in the public hall.

People came by train from Crewe and Chester and after the station closed buses were provided.

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