As Chairman of the Fete Committee it is both a pleasure and a privilege to write the foreword for this little book.

For, year after year on August Bank Holiday, people have come in their hundreds to our Fete at Beeston Castle. Many come back time and time again; people who were brought by their parents now bring their own children to the Castle and the Fete.

Invariably, even the weather holds good for us; rarely do we get a bad day weather-wise. If the day starts wet, it usually clears up by mid-morning. If it starts fine but rain-clouds threaten, the rain seems to hold off until the evening. So we have much for which to be thankful!

We are deeply indebted to the Tollemache family who made it possible for us to continue to hold the fete each year in such a wonderful beauty spot.

We are grateful too, to the willing band of helpers who give their time and talents to ensure such a happy day for our visitors. It is always dangerous to mention individuals but I know other helpers would support me in mentioning just two. The late Mr. LESLIE BULGER served us so faithfully for many years as a 'Backroom Boy' equal to none. He never sought publicity; indeed he shunned it. Yet Leslie did so much behind the scenes to make sure that problems, if any, were kept to a minimum. Miss PHYLLIS CHURTON worked tirelessly for many years, (retiring last year), working not just on the day of the fete but for eleven months of every year. She was personally responsible, with her loyal band of workers for raising so much for our funds over the years.

Thank you for buying this book. May you enjoy it from cover to cover. It will bring back for so many people happy memories of days gone by, up to the present time.

Dennis E Burrows
Chairman - Fete Committee 1996

June 1996

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